“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

— John Crosby 


Opening an Affiliate starts with a passion, a desire to help, but you soon find the one that needs the most help...IS YOU!

We Are Unifyd will help you and your affiliate thrive with our Unifyd Training Affiliate Program. We go beyond the program to help you and your affiliate flourish and get back your time to put your energy towards what matters most to you.

With over a decade of Affiliate ownership, we have made every mistake, worked every hour and tested every procedure so now, you don’t have to.

We are different from any other service being a single platform with everything you need in one location, not only do you save by consolidating you can trust the information and advice every step of the way and add value to you and your members, after all, we are affiliate owners just like you.


Starting, running and owning an affiliate can be overwhelming. The challenges to finding solutions to get the best out of your staff, and project a culture that is reflecting your personal passion for the business. This can cause an overworked and stressed out 'boss' that finds it hard to delegate or let go, which then has a flow-on effect on both staff and members. As you strive to empower your staff, you also want to make them feel that they are valued, part of the team, and an extension of your business.

You want to give them the tools to do their job properly, but also help them grow professionally. You want coming to the gym, either to work or workout, a positive and infectiously happy place and not a chore. When it becomes a chore it is irregular and when we don't have consistency, we don't get the results and, well if you are unsure of the outcome of this, re-read the above paragraph.

Ultimately your goal is to be successful, yes I am talking financially, but more importantly successful in helping members improve their lives. When our focus is on the results, experience and wellbeing of our members, financial success is your result. Therefore our goal is to create an environment staff and members WANT to come to every day, consistently.


All affiliate owners start with a vision and passion to help people change their lives, sometimes we need help to realise our vision...In steps We Are Unifyd.

Gaining and Retaining Members

Are you finding it difficult to attract new members and retain members once they trial your affiliate?

Working Long Hours, You Lose Your Passion.

Without the members, you can't afford the staff, so you do it all yourself...then taking classes is no longer fun. Wouldn't it be great to work on the business, not just in the business and get back your time and passion?

You Don't Have Time To Do The Things You Planned

You are working too many hours, so you don't have the time...or energy...to follow through with all the amazing ideas you have with programming or running challenges to keep your members excited and engaged, so they eventually drop off. We can take care of it so you and your affiliate will prosper.

Bring together the tools you need for physical, mental and commercial success.

8 x 75min online seminars across 6months (every 3weeks) covering off relevant & timely topics to help affiliates educate and address challenges in the gym.


Have you set up your business for long term success and established your branding, marketing & communications?


Establishing the businesses brand guidelines will not only help define its purpose and how it communicates but also help with making decisions and forming the future direction.

Your brand is who you are, and what you stand for. Without it, you are lost and reactively making decisions that may not always align with what you want.


With so much going on in your day-to-day, it's hard to effectively plan out how you're going to attract new members, without breaking the bank account? Which platform do you use? How do you 'talk' to your customers and keep your current members feeling part of the business?