"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room"

-Jeff Bezos- 

Why is branding important?

Never let your voice go unheard.

Unifyd Branding helps you tell your story, and deepen the connection with your fans, businesses and partners. We amplify your personality and showcase the true value you bring. Whether it be through building up trust or bringing something out from the depths so people can see all you do that makes you different, Unifyd Branding offers everything you need when it comes to getting that perfect brand lined up. So what's stopping you? Tell us more about who you want to be and our team will make sure all your needs are met!

"Unifyd Branding has helped me develop my profile outside of the competition floor and given me the confidence to follow my passion for the sport as a full-time athlete."

Jay Crouch - 3 x CrossFit Games Athlete


To be a successful athlete isn't always just about the size of the trophy room. It's about how people view you, the marketing appeal you have, and the legacy you leave. 
Understanding the power of your personal brand can unlock your full potential as the best athlete you can be.

Understand the power of your personal brand and how to use this to tell your story and connect deeper with your fans and partners.
Unifyd Branding will help you unlock your full potential off the field and help you articulate your personality, appeal to new sponsors and give you the confidence to deliver beyond what is expected.

Athlete Mentor Programs

Being a professional is hard work that requires not only dedication, but also adeptness to learn how to be successful in every facet of life. Yes, it's that serious - and yet we want that to be our job! One way athletes can get these skills is by looking at someone else who was just like them - stuck where they are now. It's difficult navigating marketing or figuring out how to take your athlete career to the next level both on and off the competition floor. 
The Unifyd Athlete Mentor Program will connect you with professionals from sports all over the world who can help you manage your mind, body and branding as an athlete.


Athlete Management

Unifyd Branding provides a range of expert services that look after your career, all under one roof. From social media management to product endorsement, we are the hardworking yet creative department store with many departments - created for the future athlete navigating these strange waters of fame and fortune. From sponsorship negotiations to creative branding strategies, our team is here to give you every critical asset an entrepreneur needs in order to be successful as they enter uncharted territory on their own professional athlete journey. With almost two decades worth of experience working both sides of the coin, our management and mentorship opportunities come with vast experience. 


“If you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others will do it for you”

– Anonymous


Brands are never one-dimensional entities and you definitely cannot capture the essence of your business with a logo. Brands have stories to tell, personalities to reveal, disappointments in their pasts to overcome. What's more: consumers want a deeper connection with the brand that goes beyond purchase - they want to know what drives them and how they can align themselves with this personality inside your brand identity.
Unifyd branding is both a visual and verbal identity – the perfect way to tell your story, create behavioural change, and grow commercial success. Give your business what it needs, take advantage of this industry while it continues to grow.

Business Branding

We're here to help you articulate the framework and foundations of building your brand. Your story. Your identity. You may be a small boutique gym, or a new brand in the market looking to elevate your product. We take a deep diver into discovering what is unique about your brand and how to share it with the world.
We specialize in helping clients turn their company's complexity and confusing image into unforgettable advertising that resonates with potential customers on an emotional level while making it easy for them to engage with you, too—online AND offline! From finding out who you are as an individual or business, narrowing down important messages, creating attractive designs... we’ll make all these things come together beautifully in one unified look: Unifyd Branding.


Partnerships & Activations

Unifyd is a global brand consultancy agency which specialises in partnering with brands across all sectors to help them more effectively communicate their messages. They work extensively across the sports, fitness and health industries to create compelling sponsorship platforms with their carefully selected athlete or ambassador partners so that they can increase your presence within society, raise awareness of key products and campaigns and set new standards for sports marketing.
Unifyd are market-leading experts in the field, who have developed an extensive network of relationships within these markets through years of high-calibre engagement programs. If you want to make your presence felt on a global scale then speak to Unifyd's team today about how we may be able to support your business goals now.


"These young guys are playing checkers, I'm out here playing chess."

- Kobe Bryant