Struggling in Lockdown? Get Your Motivation Back & Salvage Your Goals

blog rob forte Sep 16, 2021

You’re not alone.

I know you’re missing your favourite coaches and training buddies.

It’s a never-ending internal battle to stay motivated and establish a new routine. 

And you are one bad session away from quitting until gyms reopen.

Fortunately, there’s always a different choice...


How to Conquer Lockdown

When we’re faced with any challenge or adversity our initial reaction is mostly negative and defeating. 

When you feel the feelings of defeat and all the negative thoughts that are packaged with those feelings, that’s your trigger to flip the script. 

Start to focus on how you can overcome the challenge and put your positive self-talk into full swing.

We as humans have incredible willpower, yes that means you too. This is the time to tap into that willpower and keep moving forward regardless of how you’re thinking and feeling.

The hardest days are the most important days. You will be so proud of yourself for...

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